Sing-Along - Funsheet Details

Published Date: 04/05/2020

Wow! the Jungleroo theme song, with words! So you too can sing along with Roo!

This FunSheet includes an exclusive front cover that you can add to all of your other jungleroo FunSheets to keep them nice and neat and also write your name on the front so everyone knows its yours!

  • Sing-Along with words to the Jungleroo theme song!
  • Dance along as you sing
  • Print out the exclusive Jungleroo FunSheet cover
  • Join Roo, and sing along to the Jungleroo theme song.

    Download the Funsheet

    Each FunSheet follows the corresponding episode to reinforce what the student has learnt and help tehm, retain the information. As well as adding additional learning resources and fun materials to keep them engaged and ultimately make learning fun. The Funsheets are in PDF format and can be easily printed at home.